Advocates for Children

First-year Announcements
September 1, 2000

To: 1st-year Advocates
From: Stephen Wright <sw125@umail.umd.edu>
Subject: IMPORTANT and TIMELY announcement about class requirements

Dear 1st-year Advocate,

Welcome to campus! I hope you are enjoying your first week in college.

Because we don't have class on Monday, there is one announcement that can't wait until Sept. 11, our first day of class (3:00 pm, CCC 1205), so please read the following now (and ask your new Advocates friends if they got this message!):

After experimenting with a variety of ways of running the Advocates for Children colloquium, we have found that the best way to enable you to have a direct experience with children is through a placement in a service-learning setting outside the classroom. We have five sites at present (there may be additional ones added, but please don't plan on that). Three of these involve tutoring school-aged children, but are limited in the number of our students they can take; those three placements combined cannot accommodate half the freshmen. A fourth is St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home, which, though a rewarding experience, has several drawbacks that make it appropriate for only the most motivated students. It is at the Washington, D.C. border, but no bus goes within 1/3 mile of it, and it is not recommended to walk that 1/3 mile after dark (this means weekend bus, driving, or biking); you also need a police/FBI background check for this placement which costs $36.

The fifth alternative, the Children's Developmental Clinic (CDC) is held on campus, right next door, in HHP (North Gym), but you have to be willing to get up early on Saturdays (starts at 8:30 am). They will train you, and it involves working with children who need help in motor skills and some with language/reading. A lot of it will just seem like playing with the kids, but it helps meet their specific needs. THIS PROGRAM BEGINS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, a day just for training (kids arrive Sept. 23--don't worry, we've already talked with them about your not being there that day because of the campout, and they will work around it).

Please read the descriptions below, and if you think there's a chance you might pick the CDC (taking into account that you might not get your first choice of tutoring), please GO TO THE FIRST SESSION in the downstairs gym in HHP, just north of Cumberland Hall at 8:30 am, Sept. 9.

1. Lakeland Stars Tutoring/Mentoring Program (LIMITED NUMBER)
When: weekday afternoons, probably Tuesday or Thursday (was last semester)
Who: Paint Branch Elementary School's Lakeland Stars
Description: Second through sixth graders, mentoring/tutoring program, including working on homework.

2. The Caring Project (LIMITED NUMBER)
When: Friday afternoons from 2:30-5:00 (was last semester)
Who: At-risk kids from the Langley Park area
Description: Tutoring and fun activities designed to increase children's self-esteem and encourage them to continue their education. There are many
opportunities for bilingual Spanish-English volunteers to use their language skills.

3. Greenbelt Cares (LIMITED NUMBER)
When: Tutors can choose the times and dates once they are assigned to a student-mentor team.
Who: Neighborhood children
Description: Free tutoring program for students from Prince George's county. The coordinator, Judye Hering, provides excellent training and support for the volunteers. Students are assigned to tutors (one-on-one) by geographic location and subject preference (math/science especially needed).

4. St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home
When: as scheduled with Francina Turner
Who: St. Ann's Residents (infants, toddlers, children up to age 9)
Description: St. Ann's is a residential program for a variety of abused and other high-risk children (many of whom are wards of the court) & pregnant teens. Students may help provide care and attention to infants, toddlers, or young school-aged children in classrooms, nurseries, or living areas. There is also the possibility to tutor teen parents for their GED exams, 5-9 pm in the libraries or group lounges.

5. The Children's Developmental Clinic
When: Saturday Mornings from 8:30-12:30. Clinic Starts: Saturday, January 29th.
Who: Area children in need of developmental support
Description: Clinicians are trained to work with children toward developing motor, speech, academic, social or other skills. This is a well seasoned, excellent opportunity for students to work one-on-one with children ages infant to 12 years old. Clinicians receive pre-clinic training. Pairs practice developmental skills including motor, academic, and creative skills. The clinic approach to working with children is in the area of motor development in a one-to-one individualized "fun with a friend" program.


If this message was sent to an e-mail address OTHER THAN your "wam" address, please send me your wam address by return e-mail (everyone in this program has to get one).

See you in class.


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