MONDAYS 4:30-6:00 PM

Students will sign up for one of the following: Class 1, Class 2, FIPSE.

Students will attend meetings or activities in their class as indicated below: (Class 1 and 2, Mon. 4:30-6:00 p.m., 1140 Cumberland)

Class 1: Feb. 24, March 10, March 31, April 14, April 28, May 12
Class 2: March 3, March 17, April 7, April 21, May 5, May 12
FIPSE: Since students working on the Discovery Project are required to attend a variety of meetings and workshops they are excused from colloquium... except for May 12.

The following events and activities are planned for the Class 1 and 2 groups... note: YOU ARE TO ATTEND ONLY YOUR GROUP'S ACTIVITIES UNLESS YOU GET APPROVAL FROM AL GARDNER. (Generally this is discouraged.)

Class 1 Class 2 Activity
Feb. 24 March 3 Internship Presentation
March 10 March 17 Presentation by Al Gardner
March 31 April 7 Service: Community/University
April 14 *April 21 Krafts for Kids
April 28 May 5 Debate/discussion
May 12 May 12 Life beyond AFC/CPS:
individual plans, potentials, projects

Description of Activities:

1. Internship Presentations. Students will be organized in panels of similar topics or areas to present details concerning the nature of their experiences and what was helpful to them.

2. Presentation by Al Gardner/Others. Your instructor and perhaps others could present a "last lecture," i.e., what they think they have learned in their study of children; or, topics of students' choice could be presented.

3. Service to the Community or Campus. A class effort in which the group would work as a unit at a school e.g., nature trail at Paint Branch Elementary or University Park Elementary, or other schools (daycare at Northwestern High School), or, do something on campus to further the cause of child advocacy.

4. Krafts for Kids. Students would work in class on making toys, place mats, teddy bears, goodie bags for homeless, and other such items. BOTH #3 and #4 offer potential for some social activity associated with the projects.

5. Debate/Discussion on Child/Adolescent Topic. Students would decide on one, and possibly two, topics and prepare to participate in a debate or discussion on the topic(s). Preparation would include reading, interviewing, organizing information, preparing handouts, etc.

6. Life Beyond Advocates for Children/College Park Scholars. A capstone paper, typed and double-spaced, in which you present a number of thoughts, ideas, hopes, potential, plans, projects, suggestions for your life as an advocate for children in your time remaining at UMCP and beyond. What part do you want to play? How might our program be improved? Estimated length: 3-4 pages.

It is planned that some of your thoughts and impressions will be shared at our last class meeting on May 12.

Student Requirements/Grading:

1. Brief, handwritten reactions to the first five topics above; to be handed in at the end of each class or as soon as possible after the class; from one-half to one page in length.

2. Participation in activities #1, 3, 4 , and 5 above.

3. Your notes, statements, materials, etc. related to your preparation for the debate/discussion on April 28/May 5 ... due then.

4. The "Life Beyond Advocates" paper, due on May 12.

5. Attendance. There will be nine class meetings (including the meetings held on Feb. 3, Feb. 10, and Feb. 17). Since there are only six meeting between Feb. 24 and May 12, it is essential that regular attendance be observed. For all activities that are missed, the student must makeup that activity in our units and activities, i.e., if you are absent for "Krafts" you are to make what we did; if you are absent for work at Paint Branch, you are to make it up at Paint Branch,... this includes those with excused absences. It is assumed that students will come to class unless there are legitimate reasons for not coming. Please do not abuse the privilege that has been given to you, that is classes scheduled on alternate meeting dates. There is also concern about students who missed class on the first three meetings; "excessive" absences could result in a lowered grade in the course.

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