Advocates for Children

due Monday (3/10/97)

This assignment is intended to give you the opportunity to try out the "FTP" procedure necessary to post something on the web, the same thing you will do to post your paper on the web.

First you will need to save either the "Option 1" or the "Option 2" document (explained below), making substitutions as explained below.

If you want to do a little more now rather than later (option 1), click here and choose "Document Source" from the "View" menu. Save the file that appears as "ac1.html"; it needs to be in "text only" format. If "SimpleText" or "TeachText was automatically opened to receive the "document source," you don't have to worry--it always saves in "text only" format.

If you want to do the minimum now and more later (option 2), click here and follow the rest of the instructions in the preceding paragraph.

Some items in these documents are meant to be replaced with your personal items:

If you have a tentative title (you can easily change it later), type it in place of "Title or Subject of Your Paper." If you do not have a title but have a general idea of the subject area, type something like "Paper on _______" in place of "Title or Subject of Your Paper." If you have not yet decided on a topic (please try to decide soon, and) type "Advocates for Children Paper" in place of "Title or Subject of Your Paper."

Your "username" is the part of your e-mail address before the "@" (which you type in to log on to WAM).

If you happen to have the program "Fetch" (or another FTP program) on a computer with web access, you can do everything from that computer. Otherwise, you can do it from any WAM lab or from a lab like the one in Cumberland.

To find the "Fetch" program at one of the labs, go to the big menu that takes up the whole screen, choose "FTP Clients" (second to last under "Networking"), then click on "Fetch."

A window should come up. If it doesn't, or if at any time you have to cancel or otherwise lose the window, choose "New Connection" from the "File" menu. Next to "Host" type "wam.umd.edu"; next to "User" type your user name; next to "Password" type in your password (!); next to "Directory" type "../pub"; click "OK."

If you get an error message several times doing this, it's possible that you are not typing "../pub" exactly right. An alternative is to make the "Directory" box blank, which will take you to your "Home" directory, then click on the word "Home," scroll down one item to your user name, look below that in the window and find "pub" and double-click on it.

Once you are in your "pub" directory you are ready to upload. Click on "Put File." A window will come up. Click on the tiny window on the right named "Desktop." Find your disk and double-click on it. Double-click on your file. A window will come up. If the name of your file is not "ac1.html" change the name so that it is. "Format" should be "Text" or "Raw Data." Click "OK."

You're done! You can look to double-check whether the file was uploaded to your web site by going to a web browser like Netscape and choose "Open Location" from the "File" menu, and type in http://www.wam.umd.edu/~username and you should see it, unless you've previously uploaded a "Welcome.html" page to your site, in which case you should type http://www.wam.umd.edu/~username/ac1.html which will take you directly to the file. In Netscape you can use a shortcut when you type in web addresses: if you leave off the "http://" Netscape will put it in for you. Remember to substitute your user name for "username" in the web addresses above.

If you are unsuccessful after attempting this assignment, write down exactly what you did when something went wrong, write down exactly what the computer did that you weren't expecting (including the exact wording of error messages), and e-mail it to me by Monday.


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