CPSP 118C - FALL 1999
MONDAYS 3:00-4:30 PM

        The Colloquium, in addition to being a required course in your program, is the only time first-year Advocates meet on a regular basis, therefore it is essential that students attend class. The Collquium is the focal point of our program's academic and extra-curricular activities.


1. Participate in discussions and special in-class activities, as well as listening to speakers. The "work" of learning something from our speakers is considered to be the most important feature of the colloquium. [See "Absence Policy."]

2. Speaker Response Papers. Submit a one-page response to each speaker we have. This will be due one week after the speaker, whether you have class then or not. You may hand in a "hard copy" (on paper) in class, drop it off in Steve's mailbox in Cumberland 1130, or e-mail it to Steve Wright (

3. Service Learning component. Participate in a "Service-Learning" experience, either directly or indirectly contributing to children's needs or well-being, which should consist of at least 20 hours of work. If you have specific questions about service-learning, please contact Elizabeth Brenden: (

4. Participate in two field trips, including the trip to the Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center and one other of your choice. These are not graded but must be completed. At least three will be offered, and more likely four or five (including at least two "half" field trips). If you have specific questions about field trips, please contact Steve Wright (

5. Occasional, short reading assignments.


Sept. 13 - (1) Overview of the Advocates Program
(2) Dr. Paul Hahn, Director, Children's Developmental Clinic
Sept. 20 - (1) Needs of Children
(2) CPS Mission Statement
Sept. 27 - Denny Gulick, Dept. of Mathematics, UMCP
"Cults on the College Campus"
Oct. 4 - Stephen Wright, Dept. of Human Development, UMCP
"Evidence and Argument: Accuracy and Reliability in Advocacy Information"
Oct. 11 - "Two Truths and a Lie" game (to get to know each other better).
Oct. 18 - Stephanie Barkin, Theraputic Foster-Care Social Worker
Oct. 25 - Cathy Trost, Director, Casey Journalism Center for Children & Families
"Media Response to Child Abuse"
Nov. 1 - Albert Gardner, Dept. of Human Development, UMCP
"What I've Learned about Children"
Nov. 8 - Helen Luxenburg, Holocaust Survivor
"Children of the Holocaust"
Nov. 15 - Discussion of past speakers (split class)
Only last names "A" - "J" come to class
Nov. 22 - Discussion of past speakers (split class)
Only last names "K" - "Z" come to class
Nov. 29
Dec. 6
Dec. 13 - Last Class

Confirmed Speakers, not yet scheduled:

Dr. Allison Druin & Dr. Ben Bederson (UMCP): "Computers & Children"
Bruce Lesley (Congressional Aid): "Children's Health Care"
Fran Favretto (Center for Young Children and Early Childhood Education, UMCP)

Advocates office: 1120 Cumberland Hall. (We also have mail boxes in the work room (1130 Cumberland) opposite the main College Park Scholars office (1125 Cumberland).
Al Gardner:
   Dr. Gardner's Human Development office phone: (301) 405-2814
Steve Wright:
Elizabeth Brenden:

If you have any questions of need help to improve your life in Advocates and in other parts of the university, call upon any of us. We do want you to be successful and happy at UMCP.
    Get involved... participate... Give us your ideas to make it even better.... Have some fun... Learn... Help children.

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