CPSP 318C - SPRING 1999
SECTION 1: TUESDAYS, 12:30-3:30 PM

Amy Blank
      301-314-5909 (Advocates office)

Mei-Ling Chen
      301-314-2777 (CPS office)

Advocates office: 1120 Cumberland Hall
Office Hours: Tuesdays 4:00 - 6:00, Wednesdays 12:00 - 2:00, or by appointment


Students will have the opportunity to:


[Bullet] February 3: Opening Session

Assignment: Read Speaking Out: Early Childhood Advocacy by February 16th.

[Bullet] February 10: Creating Change for Children

Assignment: Read and highlight the information on the Maryland Children's Initiative. Be prepared to discuss the information. Read.

[Bullet] February 16: Special Class - Maryland Children's Initiative

Assignments: Write a one page reflection paper on the Rally in Annapolis. Include your observations, impressions and ideas about the event, the effectiveness of the March, Speeches and Materials. Relate what you've learned so far in class to this experience. Read The Public Policy Process. Both due February 24.

[Bullet] February 24: Site Visit - Legislative Advocacy

Assignments: Turn in Reflection Paper on the Maryland Children's Initiative.
Meet with your Issue Group to analysis your legislative initiative, review the supportive documentation, and determine your position on the legislation - support, oppose or amend. Develop a strategy for staying informed about the progress of the legislation. Prepare to present your position on the legislation in class. Read.

[Bullet] March 3: Issue Advocacy

Issue Group Assignment: Work in Issue Groups to develop a one page fact sheet supporting your position on your bill. Gather data from local, state or national organizations, articles and other resources of information. Contact the point person on your legislation for more information. The fact sheet must be credible, convincing and reflect YOUR position on the issue. Include the title, bill #, sponsor and committee on the top. This fact sheet will be used by the Group in your lobbying activities. Rough Draft Due March 10.

Individual Assignment: Each student will write a one page position paper on the legislation they are following. The position paper must include facts and figures from at least two substantial references in addition to the fact sheet. The top of the position paper shall have the bill title and #, your position on the bill and be addressed to the members of the committee. The position paper will be reviewed by the instructor and changes made before sharing information with legislators. Rough Draft Due March 10. Read.

[Bullet] March 10: The Art of Communication

Assignment: Issue Groups refine Fact Sheet, Individuals refine Position Papers. Turn in Fact Sheets and Position Papers on Friday March 12th to have copies made. Your Fact Sheet and Position Paper will be submitted to the Committees and used in your lobbying efforts in Annapolis on March 17th. Read.

[Bullet] March 17: Site Visit - Lobbying Legislators

Assignment: Read.

[Bullet] March 24: SPRING BREAK

[Bullet] March 31: Organizing & Mobilizing

Assignment: Read.

[Bullet] April 7: Media Advocacy

Assignment: Write a Letter to the Editor of a local or regional news paper in response to the current legislative action on your bill. Include facts, figures, feelings and an addressed envelop with a stamp. Due April 14th. Read Child Watch Material.

[Bullet] April 12: Site Visit - Sine Die - Optional Special Trip to Annapolis

[Bullet] April 14: Site Visit - Child Watch

Assignment: Read.

[Bullet] April 21: Advocacy and the Electoral Process

Assignment: Read

[Bullet] April 28: Advocacy from the Inside Out

Assignment: Creating a Movement Presentations and Papers Due May 5.

[Bullet] May 5: Creating a Movement for Children

[Bullet] May 12: Open Class - TBA


Grading Based on 100 Points:
Class Attendance, Participation and Group Work 30
Rally in Annapolis Reflection Paper 10
Fact Sheet & Position Paper 20
Letter to the Editor 10
Creating a Movement Presentation & Paper 30

Attendance and participation is essential to the learning process. The information shared by students in class and in their issue groups reflects their ability to understand and utilize the information.

Each student plays a critical role in the learnings and teachings of others. Therefore, each students' participation in their Issue Groups will be evaluated by their peers.

Students will be expected to complete all reading assignments so as to participate fully in class and Issue Group work.

Writing assignments will be evaluated based upon content, credible, persuasiveness, creative and strategic thinking.

Creating a Movement for Children will be evaluated based upon the students' ability to analyze a need and utilize strategies to bring attention and resolution to the problem.

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