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AITS Summer Computer Camp for High School Students

Contact Person: Diane Patrick
Phone Number: (301) 405-0307
Address: Academic Information Technology Services Computer & Space Science Building

Description: Computer classes for students with limited experience in working with computers. Introduction to basic skills that can support or enhance their academic work, including, basic software packages and use of the World Wide Web. Includes demonstrations, campus visits, and invited speakers. Held 9am-4pm, in a PC-based, networked computer lab on campus. The program is for high school aged students.

Dates: July 14-18 and July 28-August 1
Fees: Call for more information and fees

Bridge Program

Contact Person: Olugbenga Famodu
Phone Number: (301) 405-3878
Address: Center for Minorities in Science & Engineering, Engineering Classroom Building

Description: BRIDGE is a 6-week summer program for incoming African American, Native American or Hispanic college freshman who have been admitted to UMCP in the following majors: engineering, computer science, math or physical sciences. Students have the opportunity to earn four credits applicable to the freshman year. The program is open to entering UMCP freshmen.

Dates: June 29-August 9
Fees: approximately $75 a week for meals

College Bound Program

Contact Person: Shirley Browner, Coordinator
Phone Number: (301) 314-7702 or (301) 314-7693
Address: The Learning Assistance Service Counseling Center, 2201 Shoemaker Building

Description: Program of workshops, independent work, campus visits to a lecture class and to campus resources, and counseling for high school students preparing for college. Workshop topics include: time management, listening and note-taking, exam skills, writing skills and math learning skills. The students eligible for the program are high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Dates: Monday through Thursday 10am-12pm; July 1-31
Fees: $225.00 (there is a 50% discount for children of UMCP employees) and parking fee

Design Career Discovery Workshop in Architecture

Contact Person: Carol Guy
Phone Number: (301) 405-6282
Address: School of Architecture

Description: Activities that explore the profession, visiting architects and contractors and explore the process of design. The program is designed for 11th-12th graders, college students and persons considering career choices or changes.

Dates: June 16-July 3; 9:30-4:30
Fees: If receive $150 deposit prior to May 1 - $595; After - $645

Futures in Journalism: Washington Program for High School Students

Contact Person: Dr. Joan Kejci
Phone Number: (301) 405-6544
Address: College of Journalism

Description: The Office of Continuing Education, Summer and Special Programs and the National Association of Black Journalists sponsor a 2-week residential program for students interested in exploring journalism or other communications media. The programs designed for high school students who will have completed their sophomore or junior year.

Dates: June 29-July 11
Fees: $1380; limited number of scholarships are available. Application deadline is May 15.

Governor's Summer Scholars Program in Agriculture and Natural Resources

Contact Person: Elizabeth Martin
Phone Number: (301) 314-7222
Address: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Description: A 5-day program allowing students to explore exciting opportunities in higher education and careers in agriculture and natural resources. This programs designed for 10th and 11th graders.

Dates: June 23-27
Fees: call for more information

Maryland Scholastic Press Association at College Park Summer Workshop

Contact Person: Diane White
Phone Number: (301) 405-6875
Address: College of Journalism, Journalism Building

Description: Classes in writing for print publications, desktop publishing and design, photo-journalism, online publishing, television production, yearbook production,literary magazine production, editorial leadership, sports writing, and a special workshop for advisers. This program is designed for middle and high school students.

Dates: June 23-June 27; 9:30am-3:30pm
Fees: Prior May 24-$140, After-$160; Housing-$195; Photo, TV, computer, and internet labs-$115

Maryland Summer Center for International Studies

Contact Person: Andrea Bertone
Phone Number: (301) 405-4172
Address: 1127E Tydings Hall

Description: Teaches teams of students international issues and diplomatic duties,including development of foreign policy goals, international negotiations and strategies. The program is under the guidance of trained teachers and is residential.

Dates: 7th-8th graders - July 6-18; 9th-11th graders - July 20-August 1
Fees: Maryland residents - $600; Out of state - $1100

Math and Science Regional Center

Contact Person: David Rice
Phone Number: (301) 405-6785
Address: West Education Annex Building

Description: Recruits regional students, based upon 1st generational (parents don't have a BA) status and/or income level, who seek future careers in science or math. This program is for 10th and 11th graders.

Dates: All year round
Fees: None

Physics is Phun

Contact Person: Dr. Richard Berg
Phone Number: (301) 405-5994
Web Address:
Address: Physics Department Lecture Halls

Description: Free public programs, which present physics through the use of demonstrations at the high school level, aim to educate, inform and entertain. Interactive experiments are available with staff and volunteer supervision thirty minutes before each program. To volunteer, call (301) 405-5995 a week before the program. All ages are welcome to participate in this program.

Dates: March 20-22, 1997 - "Color"
May 8-10, 1997 - "The Physics IQ Test"
Doors open 7:00pm; Program 7:30pm-8:45pm
Fees: None

Physics Summer Outreach Program

Contact Person: Bernadine Kozlowski
Phone Number: (301) 405-5949
Address: Physics Department

Description: A 2-week morning summer science program for girls who have completed the 8th grade. The program includes hands-on science experience designed to encourage an interest in science.

Dates: Call for more information
Fees: None

The Summer Reading Program Reading Center - Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Contact Person: Dr. Rachel Grant
Phone Number: (301) 405-3153
Address: 2230 Benjamin Building

Description: A 5-week diagnostic instruction program for qualified students and information seminars for parents. Students are instructed in small groups by a team of advanced master's candidates. At conclusion, parents receive a written report of activities and recommendations for school personnel. This program is for children in grades 1 through 12.

Dates: First week of July - First week of August
Fees: $65.00 initial screening (occurs during the spring semester); $300.00 summer tuition

Summer Scholars in Computer Science and Engineering Program

Contact Person: LaWanda Saddler
Phone Number: (301) 405-3878
Address: Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering, 1134 Engineering Classroom Building

Description: 6-week residential program of college level courses for students interested in educational and career opportunities in computer science and engineering. This program is open to 11th grade students who are members of under-represented ethnic groups. Application deadline is April 15.

Dates: July 6-August 8
Fees: Call for more information

Upward Bound

Contact Person: Cheryl Champen or Hector Aguiniga
Phone Number: (301) 405-6784
Address: Bldg. 66, West Education Annex Building

Description: Educational program provides academic support and counseling assistance to qualified,underachieving, capable high school students in grades 9-11 from Prince George's and Montgomery Counties. Qualifications based on parental income level and parental education (no college degree).

Dates: All year round
Fees: None

Women in Engineering High School Summer Programs

Contact Person: Cheryl Morris, Director, WIE
Phone Number: (301) 405-0315
Address: A. James Clark School of Engineering, 1131 Engineering Classroom Building

Description: High school women spend 6 weeks living on campus and learning about engineering through a hands-on, team-oriented approach. Provides 30 female high school students, entering their senior year, the opportunity to take two freshman engineering courses. Students are encouraged to study engineering at the college level through classes, tours, workshops, speakers, and engineering discipline overviews.

Application deadline: May 9, 1997
Dates: July 13-August 22, 1997
Fees: Tuition and housing scholarships are provided

Young Scholars Program in Engineering Sciences

Contact Person: Mattie Riley
Phone Number: (301) 405-6608
Address: 2172 A.V. Williams Building

Description: Activities are drawn from engineering fields and may include robotics, signal processing, solar power, manufacturing systems, or CAD-CAM technology. Application deadline is March 15. Residential stay is optional and is to be paid by the student. The program is designed for rising high school seniors.

Application deadline: March 15
Dates: July 14-August 22
Fees: None; Housing - approximately $605.00

Advocacy and Volunteerism

Black Ministries Program

Contact Person: Rev. Ruby Reese Moone, Chaplain
Phone Number: (301) 405-8445
Address: 1112 Memorial Chapel

Description: The Black Ministries Program conducts a series of missionary projects on the international, national and local level with the help of both local and student volunteers. Missionary projects include clothing drives, food drives, book scholarships and community outreach.

Phone Number: (301) 314-CARE
Address: 1195 Stamp Student Union

Description: This community service organization serves as a clearinghouse for volunteer agencies. They have a data base of over 600 agencies (many of which are family and child oriented) and can put you in touch with a group that your are in need of or wish to volunteer for.

Dates: All year round

Caring Project

Contact Persons: Randy Dutch, coordinator; Sue Dorosey, secretary
Phone Number: (301) 405-8448
Address: 2103 Memorial Chapel

Description: The Caring Project pairs at-risk children from Langley Park's McKormick Elementary School in the fourth through sixth grades with students at UMCP. The student volunteers work on Friday afternoons to cater to the academic and emotional needs of the children.

Casey Journalism Center for Children and Families

Contact Person: Cathy Trost, Director
Phone Number: (301) 445-4971
Fax Number: (301) 445-9659
Address: 8701B Adelphi Road, Adelphi, MD 20783

Description: A national resource for journalists who cover children and family issues and institutions that have an impact on the disadvantaged children and their families. It also sponsors fellowships, awards, and conferences to achieve this goal.

The Arts

Art and Learning Center Classes

Contact Person: Maura Doern, Coordinator
Phone Number: (301) 314-8492 or (301) 314-ARTS
Web Address:
Address: Art and Learning Center, Stamp Student Union, Room 0232

Description: Non-credit semester courses, at introductory and advanced levels, in a variety of subjects including painting, drawing, photography, pottery, family arts, yoga, ballroom, dancing, T'ai Chi Chu'an, massage therapy, aerobics, and self-defense. These Classes are offered for children ages 7 and up.

Dates: Call for more information; weekday and weekend classes
Fees: Call for prices; discounts available for UMCP affiliates; early registration discount

Arts Academy

Contact Person: Wendy Jacobs
Phone Number: (301) 405-0111
Address: 1102 Francis Scott Key Building

Description: Creative workshops for children, teens, and adults in the area of creative writing, electronic media, visual arts, theater, music, and dance.

Dates: Call for more information
Fees: Call for more information

Creative Dance Lab

Contact Person: Liz Rolland, Director
Phone Number: (301) 405-7039
Address: Dance Building

Description: 10 week Spring and Fall semester classes in creative movement, modern dance, improvisation, choreography and performance techniques; emphasis on the creative aspects of dance. This program is designed for ages 2 1/2 through adult

Dates: Call for more information
Fees: $35.00-$100.00

Photo Arts Outreach Program

Contact Person: Barbara Tyroler, Director
Phone Number: (301) 314-9815 or (301) 314-ARTS
Address: Art and Learning Center, Stamp Student Union, Room 0232

Description: 1-2 week day camp in a variety of artistic topics including drama, painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, and multimedia. Extended day camps for late afternoon activities. Art works are showcased at an open house at the end of summer.

Dates: June 23, 9am-5pm daily. Call for special programs and dates
Fees: Prices vary; discounts for UMCP affiliates.

Summer Arts and Leadership Camps

Contact Person: Barbara Tyroler, Supervisor
Phone Number: (301) 314-9815 or (301) 314-ARTS
Address: Art and Learning Center, Stamp Student Union, Room 0232

Description: Several two-week sessions of day camps in a variety of artistic topics, including drama, ethnic arts, painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, and multimedia. There are extended day camps for late afternoon activities. Art works are showcased at an open house an the end of summer. Leadership camps for middle to high school age youth.

Dates: June 17; 9am-3pm daily (Call for specific programs and dates)
Fees: Prices vary - discounts for UMCP affiliates.

Child and Family Developmental Services

Camp Tortuga-University of Maryland Counseling center

Contact Person: Robert W. Freeman, Ph.D., Camp Director
Phone Number: (302) 314-7673 or (301) 314-7674
Address: Counseling Center, Shoemaker Building

Description: Camp for youngsters who are having difficulties in achievement, personal adjustment and /or group adjustment. The camp, staffed by professional staff and trained advanced students, includes planned activities in arts, crafts, indoor, and outdoor games, music, swimming, dramatics, trips, and other special events. This program is for children ages 5-11

Dates: Two weeks, end of June
Fees: $240.00

Childrens Developmental Clinic

Contact Person: Dr. Paul Hahn, Director
Phone Number: (301) 322-0519
Address: Health and Human Performance Building

Description: A non-profit Continuing Education program conducted in cooperation with Department of Physical Education at PG Community College and the College of Health and Human Performance at UMCP. Special services are offered to children who are experiencing developmental delays, physical fitness and coordination problems, brain damage, mental retardation, emotional disturbances or orthopedic handicaps. Children enrolled in the program must be referred by professionals such as teachers, pediatricians, psychologists, or therapists. Motor development is a major area of concern. Three other programs are available in language development, reading development and parent education. The program is designed for children in infancy though the age of 21.

Dates: Nine consecutive Saturday mornings during fall and spring semesters; Summer: one four-week session beginning in late June and ending in mid July.
Fees: PG residents: $95.00 for 1-hour session for semester; $180.00 for 2-hour sessions (higher for out-of-county or out-of-state residents)

Family Service Center

Contact Person: Dr. Carol A. Werlinich, Director
Phone Number: (Dr. Werlinich): (301) 405-4017; (F.S.C.): (301) 405-3659
Address: 1204c Marie Mount Hall; 2301 Marie Mount Hall

Description: Graduate students and faculty professionals in family service science provide clinical and educational services to families and couples from the metropolitan community. Services include: couple therapy, family therapy, family life education, family therapy conferences and continuing education. Common issues include: parenting concerns, school or behavior problems, couples communication and issues experienced by step-families or single parents.

Dates: Throughout the year
Fees: Sliding fee Scale $3.00 to $80.00 per session

Hearing and Speech Clinic

Contact Person: Beth Coon, Office Supervisor
Phone Number: (301) 405-4218 (TDD)
Address: 0110 LeFrak Hall

Description: Evaluation, treatment and preschool services for the following type of communication disorders: language, articulation, stuttering, voice, hearing (includes hearing aid fitting and Aural Rehabilitation classes). All ages are welcome.

Dates: Hearing Clinic: all year round; Speech-Language Clinic, Pre-school, and AR Classes: September through mid-July
Fees: Call for fees; UM students - 50% discount, UM faculty/staff - 20% discount

Language Learning Early Advantage Program (LEAP)

Contact Person: Jill Daniel
Phone Number: (301) 405-4228
Address: Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Lefrak Hall

Description: Individualized communication enrichment preschool program with a strong language-based focus and very small therapist-child ratio. Instruction, comprised of individual, group and classroom lessons, is provided by a certified speech pathologist of HESP faculty member and assisted by graduate students. Fees include an initial comprehensive hearing evaluation; audiological monitoring and individual speech-language therapy as needed; parent/family training workshops and written reports and scheduled conferences to discuss each child's progress. This program is designed for children ages 3 to 5.

Dates: Mid-September through mid-May
Fees: Approximately $2000.00 per year

Parent Consultation and Child Evaluation Service of the University Counseling Center

Contact Person: Robert W. Freeman, Ph.D.
Phone Number: (301) 314-7673 or (301) 314-7674

Description: Community service to families and children with problems of achievement and adjustment. Psychological assessments, individual and group counseling for children consultation counseling for parents and families; sponsors Camp Tortuga; serves as a training facility for Clinical and School Psychology programs; provided consultative services to private school. This program is designed for children ages 5-14. The services are for University connected faculty, staff and students or members of the community.

Dates: Throughout the year
Fees: Nominal

Child Care

Center for Young Children

Contact Person: Anne Daniel
Phone Number: (301) 405-3168
Address: Valley Drive, Building 381

Description: Ten-month day care program for pre-school and kindergarten aged children. This program is open to children of faculty, staff and students.

Dates: August through June
Fees: Tuition is based on a sliding scale; call for more information

Center for Young Children Summer Camp Program

Contact Person: Dr. Francine Favretto, Director; or Nancy Hey, Admissions
Phone Number: (301) 405-3168 (CYC); or Ms. Hey (301) 405-0107
Address: Valley Drive, Building 381

Description: Seven Week summer camp; run by degreed early childhood teachers

Dates: June 30-August 15; 7:45am-5:30pm for 3 yr old to kindergartners; 8am-4pm for first graders
Fees: Ages 3 to kindergarten: UMCP affiliate $910, non-affiliate $1050; First Graders: UMCP affiliate $1050, non-affiliate $1190

This directory is a listing, not an endorsement of the programs or services. The information found in this directory is based on material available as of April 30, 1997.

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