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Internship Report & Research Paper

Internship Report

Students are to submit a typed report of their internship experience to Al Gardner at the conclusion of the internship. This report could take different forms according to the preferences and imagination of the student. While most of the report would be commentaries of experiences and observations, there should also be written reflections on the experiences. The latter including, for example, your perceptions on the needs of children from the observations, your ideas for different approaches to serving children, and other issues or matters that have been stimulated by your experiences as an intern. The reflections should be an ongoing part of your report, i.e., throughout the report and not just in your conclusions or summary.

In addition, it would be appropriate to include, where possible, material from the organization (brochures, program and policy statements, objectives), samples of student or staff work, photographs, interviews and research surveys that you have done.

It may help you to keep a journal with regular entries after each visit in preparation for your final report. It is essential that you keep regular notes with dates and times recorded. Your final report might be a journal or contain features of a journal. The final report might be a paper that is presented/structured in sections and your conclusions, including the value of the experience for you. Various inserts (documents, photographs, samples, clippings) could be included as desired.

Suggested Sections:

Research Paper

Students are also to submit a research paper on a topic that is related to their internship experience. The paper should be at least five pages, typed, double-spaced, with at least five different references from professional literature. The paper should include your reactions and comments on the topic being researched. This paper should not have been written for another course. If you are uncertain about the relevance of your paper's topic, you should contact Dr. Al Gardner: office (301) 314-5909 or (301) 405-2814.

Due Dates. Internship Report and Research Paper are both due as follows:

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  • "Children and the Campus Community," a Special "Discovery Project" Internship Opportunity made possible by a FIPSE grant from the U.S. Dept. of Education.

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