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Every day in the United States...

3,398 babies are born to unmarried mothers.
2,833 high school students drop out (each school day).
2,660 babies are born into poverty.
1,407 babies are born to teen mothers.
  145 babies are born at very low birth weight (<3.25 lbs.).
   95 babies die.
    6 children and youths under 20 commit suicide.

Children's Defense Fund, "Every Day in America," CDF Reports, 1996.

Today's children are heirs to a century of extraordinary technology and astounding scientific achievement. Unfortunately, their legacy also includes staggering social ills, explosive global politics and a delicate and deteriorating ecosystem. In addition, many children bear additional burdens, as they are born to poverty and reared in debilitating and hostile environments. How can we ensure that these children and those who follow them will grow up in conditions that afford them the physical, emotional, and educational benefits that will enrich their lives and prepare them to be responsible stewards of our world?

The College Park Scholars Advocates for Children Program is designed for students who want to play an active role in improving the lives of children--and thus all humanity. Advocacy means taking a reasoned stand, being an activist--not only caring about problems but also addressing them with energy and intelligence. CPS Advocates for Children studies the social, educational, legal, technological, and political facets that affect the lives of children. It combines ongoing efforts to make improvements in these areas with deep concern for social justice. It aims to use knowledge and expertise to confront the obstacles that prevent the development of healthy children and, in so doing, create a better world.

Advocates for Children may go on to become psychologists, physicians, attorneys, teachers, writers, business executives, or public servants. Many will become parents. But whatever their choice, their shared experience in CPS Advocates for Children will provide a greater understanding of their roles in shaping the future of all children.

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