1. Students will take selected courses from rich multidisciplinary offerings that are designed to familiarize them with the needs of children and with the means for improving the lives of children.
Examples of such disciplines are: African-American Studies, Economics, Education, Family Studies, Government and Politics, Health and Nutrition, History, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Urban Studies, and Women's Studies.

2. Students will have internships and field experiences in private and non-profit organizations, schools, and units of local, state, and federal government.

3. Students will participate in seminars and colloquia with university faculty and with individuals who are actively involved with a variety of children's issues at local, state, national, and international levels.

4. Students will be observers of and participants in advocacy through work in schools, community agencies, institutions, and activist organizations dedicated to improving children's lives.

5. Students will become familiar with the multitude of organizations that function in the service of children: private and non-profit, and at all levels.

6. Students will be knowledgeable regarding the legislative, political, and legal processes relating to the welfare of children.

7. Students will become aware of, and have the opportunity to explore, the many opportunities for working with and serving children in diverse occupations and professions.

8. Students will take advantage of the vast research and professional resources in the Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington areas, that is, universities, libraries, laboratories, medical centers, research institutions, and governmental agencies.

9. Students will be closely involved with designated faculty members in advising and mentoring relationships. Such faculty will be those who are dedicated to undergraduate education and to the goals of the Advocates for Children program.

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