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[Fallingwater west livingroom terrace, from south]
A view of the western half of the house from across the stream (from south).
The terrace in the lower left of the picture extends west (left) from the front portion of the livingroom; these are above the stream. In this photo, the terrace seems to be nestled in among the trees and magnolia bushes, serene and calm. But a reverse angle shot shoes this to be a terrace dramatically cantilevered over the waterfall.
      Above the rear portion of the livingroom is the master bedroom, and a large terrace extends south (toward the camera) beyond the livingroom and its flanking terraces. To see this section in the context of the entire southern view, see the Fallingwater elevation photo.
Original photo, taken by the webmaster.
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Without drawing on tradition, without relying on precedent, Fallingwater was created by Frank Lloyd Wright as a declaration that in nature man finds his spiritual as well as his physical energies, that a harmonious response to nature yields the poetry and joy that nourish human living.

- Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House, p. 65.

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