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[fallingwater guest house window detail]
Detail: corner window at the guest house, from southeast.
Here in the guest house, Frank Lloyd Wright keeps continuity with the themes in the main house, but sometimes with slight variations on the themes. Window treatments - even in vertical windows like this one - exhibit strong horizontal lines. Glass is framed in steel, painted an earthy Cherokee red. Notice also that at the vertical corner, the two panes of glass meet with nothing obstructing the view, symbolizing no barrier between inside and outside, a harmonization of the two; this feature is common in Frank Lloyd Wright windows.
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The long front wall of the guest wing has embedded in it a number of steel posts covered with lath and cement plaster painted to merge with the concrete. Typically, Wright was not concerned to express the skeletal structure but rather to build expediently, achieving a harmonious whole that was understandable but not explicit.... In the very area of the living room, the metal framework of the glazing membrane is extended far beyond the glass; the horizontal bars mutate into shelves that wrap around the interior corner and curve out to meet a stone wall. This play of horizontals distracts attention from the anomalous wall treatment and strongly ties the corner elements together.

- Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House, p. 114.

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