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[Fallingwater driveway trellis]
The driveway which borders the north side of the house, viewed from the east.
The photographer has just crossed the bridge over the stream (Bear Run) and immediately turned to his left. The entrance to the house is on the left in the photograph. Visible over the driveway are a trellis and, behind it, the corridor connecting to a covered walkway that meanders down the hill from the guest house (to the right of this picture). The main door is tucked away in a short corridor behind the bush on the left. Click here for a similar photo in a larger size.
Original photo, used by permission.
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The driveway turns left at the end of the bridge, passing under a trellis of reinforced concrete. This is the welcoming porte-cochere of Fallingwater, stretched from the house to the native cliff that defines the drive. Adjacent to this halting spot is the main door to the house, clear glass recessed within the stonework, drawing people into the inner spaces.

- Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House, p. 77.

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