Fallingwater: Kaufmann house, Frank Lloyd Wright country house over the waterfall

Kaufmann book Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House by Edgar Kaufmann, Jr.; Christopher Little and Thomas A. Heinz (Photographers).

Editorial Review from Library Journal (excerpt): An engaging, intimate, sumptuous appreciation of Wright's 1936 house in Bear Run, Pennsylvania. Kaufmann is the distinguished architectural historian who trained with Wright and is the son of the clients for Fallingwater, the most famous modern house in America. He is able to explain the intentions of architect and client, and writes with both feeling and critical knowledge, having lived in and with the masterpiece all his life. The rich color photographs....
Customer review excerpts:
1. Simply, this is it. This is the be all, end all of texts on this masterpiece by the late F.L.W.
2. Stunning! This is a classic coffee table book [13" x 10"] that will endure for decades. It is chock full of color photographs, drawings, layouts and stories from the owner's son.
3. One of the most beautiful books on architecture I have seen, "Fallingwater" is full of stunning photography and maps of what may well be Frank Lloyd Wright's greatest masterpiece....this coffee-table essential leads you through the planning and construction of the house, and provides some perspective by mentioning some of the flaws of Wright's design. Perfect inspirational reading for anyone planning their dream home.
4. Nice pictures; cute anecdotes; poor analysis; no criticism. [Not really true; see criticism. -ed.]
5. This book....shows some great pictures....I would say the best set of published pictures of the home. [It is clearly that. -ed.]

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