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Human Rights Watch
"Available in seven languages, HRW provides striking photo essays, Breaking News and Commentary. The coverage ranges from neglected Russian orphans to the search for thousands of missing Kosovar men. Those interested in specific regions should use the Clickable World Map to find reports for that area. There's also ample information here on HRW's campaigns." -Access Magazine

Ethics Updates: Literature on Human Rights

Many believe North Korea to be the worst
abuser of human rights in the world today.

Documents in the History of Human Rights:

Read about a report on Arab societies
written by Arab intellectuals warning that they
are being crippled by a lack of political freedom
and the denial of women's rights.

The abuse of rights and litigation in the D.C. Public Schools

A Bibliography on Buddhism and Human Rights

Dieu et Mon Droit

Intellectual Property Rights in our Global Village, by Harry Hillman Chartrand

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Discovery Channel Online
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The right-hand rule in electromagnetism.

Should you "prepare" your right hand for accurate classical guitar picking?

Burning question of the day: Are the Simpsons left or right handed?

The Declaration on the Pastoral Care of Left-Handed Persons

"THE RIGHT HAND of the Lord has adorned his spotless bride,
the Church, with many wondrous gifts..."

Okay, right-handers, let's give left-handed folks a little slack.

Right-brain activities.

The importance of the right punctuation.

The right term for the right purpose.

Are you sure you have the right internet hookup?

The deplorable proliferation of rights in recent years threatens to erode legitimate rights.


The Scottish Rite (Freemasons)

Rite of Football
"Obviously, Football is a syndrome of religious rites symbolizing the struggle to preserve the Egg of Life through the rigors of impending winter..."

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