CPSP 118C - FALL 2000
MONDAYS 3:00-4:30 PM

(BREAKOUT ROOMS: CCC 1115, CMB 1140, CMB 1114)


Albert Gardner (head instructor; director of the program)
      Discussion Group Facilitator
      301-405-2814 (Benjamin office), 301-314-5909 (Advocates office), 301-927-7210 (home)

Stephen Wright (instructor; associate director of the program)
      Discussion Group Facilitator
      Co-ordinator, Camping trip to Pennsylvania
      301-422-8042 (home), 301-314-5909 (Advocates office)

Julie Mulhern (instructor; assistant director of the program)
      Discussion Group Facilitator
      Co-ordinator, "Service-Learning" groups
      301-314-5909 (Advocates office), 301-588-8145 (home), 301-405-1304 (Benjamin office)

Betsy Bratek (teaching assistant)
      Discussion Group Facilitator
      301-314-3481 (home), 301-314-5909 (Advocates office)

Advocates office: 1120 Cumberland.
Our mail boxes: in the work room (1130 Cumberland) opposite the main College Park Scholars office (1125 Cumberland).
Advocates web site address (URL):


1. Participate in discussions and special in-class activities, as well as listening to speakers. The "work" of learning something from our speakers and discussions is considered to be the most important feature of the in-class portion of colloquium. [See "Absence Policy."]

2. Speaker Response Papers. Submit a one-page response to each speaker we have. This will be due one week after the speaker, whether you have class then or not. Please hand in a "hard copy" (on paper) in class to your discussion group facilitator, or drop it off in your discussion group facilitator's mailbox in Cumberland 1130. The discussion group facilitators are as follows:


3. Service Learning component. Participate in a " Service-Learning" experience, either directly or indirectly contributing to children's needs or well-being, at one of the approved service-learning sites. If you have specific questions about service-learning, please contact Julie Mulhern: (e-mail:

4. Participate in two field trips, including the camping trip in southern Pennsylvania and one other of your choice. At least three will be offered, and more likely four (including at least two "half" field trips). If you have specific questions about field trips, please contact Steve Wright (e-mail:

5. Web and E-mail familiarity. Visit our web site ( Look around the site as much as you like, but be sure to go to all the links from the main page. Decide what you liked best (be very specific), and make note of what you learn. Then e-mail Steve Wright ( and tell him what you liked best and describe the most interesting thing you learned. As you can imagine, this might get boring after the first 50 people, so feel free to say something unusual too. You must include the phrase "web report" in the subject line. (Always using a subject line is good form.) Your name must appear in the "From:" field when I get your message. If you don't know how to do this, ask someone for help. Your message must be sent from your "wam" account (from an e-mail address ending in ""). If you don't have a "wam" account, you must get one and use it for e-mails sent to the program faculty. If you plan to use a different address and would prefer not to check both, you can set up forwarding from your wam to your other e-mail address. See instructions for how to do this at ( You will still need to use you wam account to send us e-mails.

6. Check your e-mail often, at least every other day but preferably every day. We have found that e-mail is the best way to communicate with you for certain types of anouncements. This will be especially useful at the begining of the semester.

7. Occasional, short reading and (possibly) writing assignments.

If you have any questions of need help to improve your life in Advocates and in other parts of the university, call upon any of us. We do want you to be successful and happy at UMCP.

1125 Cumberland Hall University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742-9331

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This page is part of a web record of the Advocates for Children program 1995-2002, hosted by Dr. Stephen Wright, former associate director.