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[ Note: This is the only copy on the web as of this writing of the Advocates for Children web site as as it looked in Spring 2002, and is the only web record of the Advocates for Children program from the time of its first students (September, 1995) to the end of 2001. Because of the transfer to this site, most but not all links work properly. ]

  • Introductory Information about College Park Scholars, Advocates for Children
  • Curricular and Experiential Goals
  • Program Requirements

  • Photo Album - Just some of the activities of the Advocates for Children (thousands of words' worth)
    [Miniature pictures - sample]


  • Fall, 2001 First-year Colloquium:
    Colloquium Syllabus
    Absence Policy
    First-year Announcements

  • Fall, 2001 Second-year Colloquium:
    Colloquium Syllabus
    Absence Policy
    Second-year Announcements

  • General Internship Information.
  • "Discovery Project" Opportunity.

  • Past Courses:
    Fall, 2000 Overview
    Spring, 2000 Overview
    Fall, 1999 Overview
    Spring, 1999 Overview
    Fall, 1998 Overview
    Spring, 1998 Introduction
    Fall, 1997 Syllabae by section
    Spring, 1997 First-year Overview
    Spring, 1997 Second-year Overview

  • First Lady congratulates Kai-lee
    Student Activities

  • Our students receive National Parents' Day Coalition Award
  • Student Papers
  • UMCP Campus Resources for Children and Families directory, a student "Discovery Project"

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  • Members of the Advisory Board
  • Links to Advocacy Organizations

  • 1125 Cumberland Hall University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742-9331

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    This page is part of a web record of the Advocates for Children program 1995-2002, hosted by Dr. Stephen Wright, former associate director.