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Second-Year Students '97-'98
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La'Shawna Adams
Improving what exactly? (Education) - No Longer Available related paper
Stephanie Aloth
Innocent Children Pulled Into Violent Gangs related paper
Matt Alspaugh
The Children's Developmental Clinic related paper
Kami Arthur
The V-chip Debate - No Longer Available related paper
Anita Arya
Should Public School Implement Uniforms (under revision) related paper
Jill R. Basso
Drug Addicted Babies
Kevin Baxter
Inequities in Education related paper
Sarah Bolan
The Children's Story of Homelessness
Adrienne Brockel
Homosexual Marriage and the Children that are Affected - No Longer Available
Elize Burke
Inequities in Education related paper
Mei-Ling Chen
Domestic Violence: Causes, Facts, and Consequences (not yet posted) related paper
Kristin Crunkleton
A Child's Mind (under revision)
Jennifer Davis
Religious right in education
Joy Dawson
Parental Involvement in Urban Education related paper
Samantha DiCrocco
"Priviledged" Children can be Neglected Too (not yet posted)
Colby Emery
Gangs related paper
Melissa Fox
Teen Pregnancy - No Longer Available related paper
Hillary Gaines
Hiv Testing
Fenix A. Gilbert-Manning
Controversy of Black English
Aisha Henry
Specialzied Programs for Physically and Mentally Challenged Children related paper
Andrew D. Heilman
Shira Herman
Strategies for Improving Education - No Longer Available related paper
Meghann Hyland
Ability Grouping in Schools: Helpful or Harmful related paper
Danielle Iwaszko
Abortion and Teen Pregnancy - No Longer Available related paper
Ilze Janson
Children in the Welfare State of Denmark
Erica Johnson
Eating Disorders and Child Gymnasts related paper
Jennifer Johnson
Foster Care for Children
Julia Lee
Stephanie Lo Re
Transracial Adoption: What's Right for the Kids? related paper
Nora Long
Transracial Adoption related paper
Anna Mamane
Uniforms for Our Public School Children related paper
Matt Melnick
Educational Vouchers in America related paper
Pete Muollo
Children and Gangs related paper
Author's Name Removed

Teen Prostitution
Christine Nguyen
Violence on Television: It's effects on children and it's censorship (not yet posted) related paper
Ryan O'Connell
Ritalin - The abuses of it
Katie O'Connor
Is Training Gymnasts Equal to Child Abuse? related paper
Hae Park
Anti-Depressive Medication for Children paper related to adoption (changed topic)
Jessica Parr
Mandatory Community Service
Lisa Poltilove
Cinderella (Good Message for Young Girls? A Feminist Critique) - No Longer Available
Susan Proto
Yea or Nay for Megan's Law related paper
Lance Purvis
Teen and Adolescent Suicide and the Issues Surrounding it
Halee Rosensky
Car Safety Seats
Fatima Sanidad

Teenage Pregnancy - No Longer Available related paper
Betty Santos
Life Lessons (Children and Crime) related paper
Stephanie Saunders
Megan's Law related paper
Jeremy Shere
Music and its Effects on Children - No Longer Available
Jennifer Slye
The Impact of Gangs on Today's Children related paper
Stacey Snowdon
Divorce and its Effects on Children related paper
Kelly Sowers
(Attended other colloquium)
Amy D. Tsou
Gang Violence related paper
Adam Verga
Violence and Deviance Among Inner City Youth related paper
Robb Wainwright
The Effect of Divorce on Children related paper
Cheryl Wang
Private School Education related paper

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