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Service-Learning Requirements
Sophomore Colloquium, Fall '99

Sophomores who choose to do Service-Learning rather than working on a thematic focus team are required to participate in a Service-Learning activity to which they devote a minimum of fifteen hours during the fall semester (some sites automatically require more hours to complete the project). Completion of these hours accounts for 80% of the Service-Learning grade (the Service-Learning component of your colloquium grade).

10% of the Service-Learning grade is based upon a journal that the students will keep throughout the semester. This journal is intended as a place for students to reflect, question, and record their experiences. Students are free to use their journals as a space for whatever thoughts occur to them over the semester regarding their experiences with children at the Service-Learning site. The journal will be collected and read at the end of the semester, but will not receive a grade. Completion of a journal containing 10 entries with reasonable content of any length will result in a full credit for this portion of the grade.

The remaining 10% of the grade is based on a three page reflection paper, due December 9th, on the Service-Learning experience. This paper is a chance for students to review their journals, look back on their experiences, and reflect on what they have learned.

Some guiding question to think about while you write this paper are:

A final element is required for this reflection paper. Students are asked to take one issue touched on in colloquium this semester and draw a connection between this issue and their Service-Learning experience. This is the most important part of the paper, so keep it in mind during the semester as issues are discussed and presented in class, and as you attend your Service-Learning program.

Summary of Requirements:

1. Participate in a minimum of 15 hours at one of four Service-Learning Sites.
2. Due December 9, 1999: A journal with a minimum of 10 entries, kept over the entire semester (not written the evening of December 8).
3. A 3-page reflection paper addressing some or all of the suggested questions above, and relating an issue from colloquium to their experience at a Service-Learning site.

Questions or comments always welcome! Contact: Elizabeth Brenden.

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