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[Fallingwater: Covered walk from main house to guest house]
Fallingwater: The covered walk from the main house up to the guest house.
The walk climbs the hill (or flows down it, depending on your perspective) with a gentle horizontal curve (an s-shape from a bird's eye view), the covered surface stepping up in parallel to the walking surface. The covered walk (on the left in the photo) leads from the second floor of the back of the main house (visible through the trees on the right in the photo) up to the guest house. Cherokee red steel vertical support posts are on one side only, creating a more open feel, and incorporate a design suggestive of leaves growing upward. Magnolia, as in the foreground in the photo, covers the ground throughout the property.
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In Wright's statements his principles are denoted by words embodying deep intuitions: organic, democratic, plasticity, continuity. During careful study of his texts and his architecture, I have come to believe that these terms present different aspects of one central insight. To Wright, architecture was a great inclusive agency through which humankind adapted the environment to human needs and, reciprocally, attuned human life to its cosmos; amid continual changes architecture could keep human life more natural and nature more humane.

- Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House, p. 31.

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