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[Second floor stair landing, from hallway facing east, Fallingwater]
Second floor stair landing, from hallway facing east.
Several features here illustrate the idea that Fallingwater is "cave-like" (organic, protected yet open to the outside, etc.). On the right in the photo is a door which is an unbroken sheet of glass with narrow steel framing, providing visual continuity to the outside; it leads out to the east terrace. The rough stone wall retains a natural look, and is the same inside and outside, as can be seen through the glass door. The two top steps have a curved line, and the stone floors also retain a natural pattern.
      Behind the camera a door leads to the dressing room, and through it another door leads out to the west terrace.
Photo by the National Park Service
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Without drawing on tradition, without relying on precedent, Fallingwater was created by Frank Lloyd Wright as a declaration that in nature man finds his spiritual as well as his physical energies, that a harmonious response to nature yields the poetry and joy that nourish human living.

- Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House, p. 65.

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