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[Third floor gallery, from top of stairway, Fallingwater]
Third floor gallery, from top of stairway.
Just before the east windows at the far end of the gallery, a bed is partly visible. Frank Lloyd Wright's original plan called for this alcove to be the entrance to the covered walk up the hill to the guest house, but the Kaufmann's asked that it be connected to the second floor instead. So the alcove became a bed area for Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., who enjoyed the morning sunlight. Notice that here too, the windows facing east and those facing south are joined glass to glass with no vertical support post. For a close-up photo of a similar treatment, see the guest house window
      The stairway to the left is lined with books on the left side; bookshelves here were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright upon request. Behind the camera a door leads to the study, and through it another door leads out to stairs down to the west terrace.
Photo by the National Park Service
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Without drawing on tradition, without relying on precedent, Fallingwater was created by Frank Lloyd Wright as a declaration that in nature man finds his spiritual as well as his physical energies, that a harmonious response to nature yields the poetry and joy that nourish human living.

- Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House, p. 65.

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