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The dining table at the north end of the living room.
This is the dining area at the north end of the living room, or great room. (Fallingwater was one of the original "open plan" homes.) It is opposite from the side of the living room demarcated by a curtain of glass running its full width, above the stream just before it goes over the falls. In contrast to such openness, the dining area is somewhat more protected, with stone walls all around, just off the kitchen and near the large fireplace. (In the black and white picture of the living room, the corner of the dining table can be seen on the left.)
      The uneven stone facing has a horizontal orientation, appearing "stratified," and forming lots of small ledges everywhere. More pronounced still, what looks like wood molding emerges in some places, such as over the fireplace, to become shelf-like. In the upper portion of this photo, the transformation to shelves is complete.
      Originally Frank Lloyd Wright proposed barrel chairs for the dining table, but the Kaufmanns felt they were a bit "static" when grouped here, but found the chair "graceful" when used alone as a desk chair in the guest room.
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Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the psychology of the user: He saw meaning in the psychological effect his organic architecture had on people, and creatively planned his environments for the peace, mental health and happiness of people.

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