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[Fallingwater house dining area]
Dining area on the north wall of the great room.
There is no separate dining room at Fallingwater. Although a "great room" is common today, it was unusual in 1935. In fact, Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered "open plan" house design, favoring large, open and connected spaces rather than small, enclosed rooms. Fallingwater's great room (usually called the living room on this site) has this dining area, a fireplace nearby, seating areas one might expect to find in a living room, a built-in desk, lots of space, and lots of windows (as well as glass doors opening onto balconies) on the south end. Windows, natural light, the built-in desk, and the proximity of the fireplace to the dining table can be seen in this black and white photo of the living room. The fireplace and dining table can also be seen in this color photo of the living room from a reverse angle.
      Just outside this photo on the left is the kitchen doorway; on the right, stairs lead up to the second floor. Another picture of the dining area taken from the kitchen doorway toward the "front door" shows a portrait of Edgar Kaufmann, Sr., who hired Frank Lloyd Wright to design the Fallingwater house. Horizontal ledges in stone (uneven facing) and wood (molding, shelves) are discussed on the dining table and fireplace pages.
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