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Living room, from entrance
After one comes in the "front" door of the Fallingwater house and passes through the small entry way, one enters the living room and sees it from the view in the photo above. On the far right in the photo is a bit of the fireplace and hearth, the natural boulder protruding up through the floor. Near it in the photo, just a small corner of the dining table is visible. (The other corner of the dining table is visible in the black and white photo showing a similarly diagonal view of the living room from the kitchen.) Next to the fireplace is the sitting area, and above the sitting area a large window through which one can look down the canyon. Click here for another view of the sitting area and fire place. Center-left in the photo above one sees a bay of windows facing across the stream, and to their right an open glass door, which leads to the terrace over the waterfall. The brown object on the left is a built-in desk. On either side of it are more glass doors that open onto the southeast terrace (closeup views: from corner of southeast terrace toward living room, from bridge toward southeast terrace and living room). For a better view of the desk and these glass doors, see the black and white photo of the living room.
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Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the psychology of the user: He saw meaning in the psychological effect his organic architecture had on people, and creatively planned his environments for the peace, mental health and happiness of people.

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